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...Read all Policies before asking for a quote.

:bulletred:Commissions are CLOSED :bulletred:

Prices are ranged and first based on size, then on detail of the character.
Plushies do not include: Shipping and Paypal fee's. All prices are USD.

ALL: All plushies are filled with polyfil and/or beanies (plastic pellets). They are made out of Minky and other materials with Embroidered Eyes and details (for the most part)


Baby Parasprites
Material: Minky with 2 non-wired Organza wings and embroidered eyes, can sub for minky wings.
Price: 20$
Shipping: 8$ for everywhere

Material: Minky with Organza wired wings and embroidered eyes, can sub for minky wings.
Price: 30$
Shipping: 8$ for everywhere (No tracking or Insurance) OR 16$ (Tracking and 100$ insurance)

Material: Minky with embroidered eyes and cutie mark or buttons eyes and cutie mark, or button eyes and no cutie mark
Price: 60$, less will be charged for non-embroidered items.
Extras: 5$+ for accessories, and more can be added for detailed characters.
Shipping: 8$ for everywhere (No tracking or Insurance) OR 16$ (Tracking and 100$ insurance)

7" Sitting Animal:100$ - 150$
Extras: 10$+ for accessories, and more can be added for detailed characters.
Shipping: 15$ to USA and Canada (two week delivery), 25$ for 4 day delivery. World Wide, varies.

10" : 150$ -200$ (Price depends on detail.)
Extras: 15$+ for accessories, and more can be added for detailed characters.
Shipping: 15$ to USA and Canada (two week delivery), 25$ for 4 day delivery. World Wide, varies.

15 " : 245$ -400$ (Price depends on detail.)
Extras: 20$+ for accessories, and more can be added for detailed characters.
Shipping: 50$ for Canada, 60$ USA.World Wide, varies. (ask for quote before commissioning me)

Note me with all questions!

Commissions LIST

Payment is due upon ordering your material (if you want me to order minky) or when I start your Project.

:bulletred: Full






a. Only one commission per slot, you can take up as many slots as you want.
b. It is my right to reject any commission order, for any reason. Be it I find the commission to complex, I'm unable to find the right colors, etc.
c. It is also my right to cancel an order.

a. Are do in full when I accept your commission.
b1. Preferred payment method is via Paypal other acceptable methods are listed below.
b. You are responsible for Paypal fee's. ^^; They will be added to your order.
c. Make sure you send your DA name in a note with your payment or the email you contacted me with in a note if it's not the same as your paypal email. I'll be less confused about which payment belongs to which person. XD
d.I'll also accept Money Orders or Certified Checks. If you choose this method you should send it in a secure method. I am not responsible for payments that get lost in the mail. So when choosing an alternate method of payment it should be one where you can see that I've received the funds.
e.Sorry, but I can never accept cash via mail as a payment.

a. All items are made from Minky, CHENILLE, Fleece, Felt or any other materials that are needed.
b. Embroidery is used for eyes/details unless otherwise stated upon commissioning.

a. If I have started your plushie I can not give you a refund.
b. If I have not started your plushie then I can give you a refund.

Cancelling an Order...
a. If I have not received payment from you you can cancel your order whenever you wish.
b. If I have not started your Plushie but have ordered your materials and you want to cancel then a partial refund will be given.
d. If I cancel your order for some reason you will receive a full refund.

If you have a question about these policies then please contact me. ^_^


Can I give my plushie to little children?
My suggestion is no. I'm careful when making my plushies and don't rush them. They are made using a machine and hand stitching and some sections are often double or tripled stitched. But I can't guarantee that they will hold up to the rough play/handling of children. Plushies are intended for display or Soft cuddling/play. ^_^

How long will it take to receive my plushie?
If I have to order minky, that's at least 2 weeks for delivery. I would then suggest adding at least 1 week for each person above you on the list. You will get a pretty good guesstimate of how long it will take. This of course is subjectable. If you are 7th on my list and want your order made of fleece and everyone else is on hold because i'm waiting or minky. Then you would be first and I could send it out in less then a week. If you choose a 2 week shipping option then add two weeks. XD

Are Accessories Removeable?
Sometimes, if you want this then please say so.



:iconwindermere-of-nymlus: :iconinkscribes: :iconbssm-eotr:


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veeisme Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
If you ever decide to follow through on that giveaway you did in 2012, I would still love to get my Luna. 
I'm at the same address I gave you when I won the raffle. 
But I suppose you're trying to forget that you ever did that raffle, since I can't find any of the journal posts talking about it. 
I remember it, though. I'm sure everyone who participated in it does. Especially the other winners. 
slinkysis3 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hi… Just wanted to let you know I colored a lineart you commissioned:  Kiiro

judithchen Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
happy birthday! Still love the flutterbat you made that my boyfriend bought me years ago^^
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